Please Note: we only accept clients with grand/ baby grand pianos. Sorry, no uprights or square pianos.

Piano Tuning Services

Full Service Piano Tuning

Allow: approximately 2 hours of service

A full service piano tuning includes stabilizing of the plate and pin block, setting the temperament appropriate for that specific piano and a high-caliber fine tuning, plus 1 additional hour of factory-level piano services, which may include, depending what’s needed: Pitch Corrections if the piano is not within 4 cents of pitch, Regulation of Action, Friction Treatment, Pedals & Damper adjustment for full power, accuracy and finis, Tone Building & Voicing which brings out the musical beauty of a piano, and Minor Repairs and Minor Piano Cleaning as well.


Fine Piano Tuning

Allow: approximately 1 hour service

A fine tuning includes stabilizing of the plate and pin block, setting the temperament appropriate for that specific piano, and a high caliber fine tuning to pitch. If it’s been more than 6 months since your last tuning, chances are the piano has dropped below it’s desired pitch. If that is the case, your piano will require an additional second-pass tuning, called a pitch correction. If that is the case, a full service piano tuning is needed.


Concert, Performance and Recording Studio Tuning Services

We offer high-caliber tuning services dedicated for concert halls, performance venues and recording studios. If you are having a concert level artist perform or record, these onsite tailored services are essential and necessary for a spectacular event! Please contact us to discuss this possibility.


Grand Piano Preparation

At Fine Tuning Piano Services, we specialize in high caliber grand piano preparations. Our piano preparations brings a piano to it’s fullest capability of power, musical beauty and dynamic range. It’s that last 10% of preparation by an expert concert level prepper that makes a piano come to life. A well prepped piano is truly amazing and magical instrument to play and listen to. This service is ideal to awaken the spirit of any new piano, as well to reawaken the spirit of any used piano. There are well over one thousand adjustments involved in the art of piano preparation. For more details, please ask us during your next full service tuning to do a piano preparation evaluation of your instrument.


Grand Piano Repairs

Pianos have thousands of moving parts that can, and do fluctuate with humidity. All instruments require regular maintenance and sometimes repairs as well. Piano repairs can be as simple as a broken string, sticking key, clicking sounds, buzzes or even the piano not playing properly. In many cases we are able to resolve these types of issues during a full service piano tuning, often at no additional charge. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your piano with you.


Grand Piano Cleaning

Over the years, just like any other valuable piece of furniture, pianos can collect dust, debris and even rust on the strings. However, pianos are much more difficult to clean than normal household items and can also be easily damaged in the process, if not properly done. Knowledge, expertise and a deep understanding of the the workings of the piano is need to do the job correctly. The end result is protecting your investment, a longer life of your piano, and a more beautiful sound and look of your instrument.

Grand Piano Purchase Evaluations

Are you considering buying a new or used piano? Do you want to truly know what type of condition the piano is in, before you buy it? A piano evaluation can be a great bargaining tool, when purchasing a piano from a dealer or private party. It may save you thousands, if not more on your next purchase. It can also save you from making a poor investment. It’s good to know what your getting before buying a piano, and we can help with that!


Grand Repair / Rebuilding Estimates

If you are thinking of having work done on your piano, a repair / rebuilding estimate is essentially-needed information. It will give you all the details about your piano’s present condition, before you invest money in it. Find out if your piano is worth investing in. This service is ideal for private clients and/or insurance companies for damage claims.

Steinway Spirio Quarterly Service

Allow: 2-3 hours for this service

A Steinway Spirio Quarterly Service includes stabilizing of the plate and pin block and a fine tuning to pitch, plus 1-2 additional hours of service, which may include depending what’s needed: a pitch correction if the piano is not within 4 cents of the desired pitch, minor regulation of Action, Pedals & Damper for full power and accuracy, Minor tone building & voicing which brings out the musical beauty of a piano, and a Spirio Calibration.


Yamaha Disklavier Repair & Maintenance Service

If your Yamaha Disklavier is not working properly, a Yamaha Disklavier service call will be needed. Please call us to discuss the details.

Note: Please read our Modern Player Piano Repair Policy.