Grand Piano String Cover

Our 100% wool grand piano string covers are hand-cut, hand-made, and available for every size grand piano. String covers help prevent rust and damage to your strings and piano. A string cover can fold back easily, to display the beauty of your piano during an event. Wooden battens are inserted into matching wool felt sleeves with convenient tabs on each end for easy removal when cleaning. These battens act as a support, gently resting on the harp so the string cover does not come into contact with the strings. The string cover is not attached to the piano but simply lays in place. *ASF

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Grand Piano Muffler System

The grand piano muffler gives you the option to play your piano at full volume, or the volume of a quiet whisper. This beautiful elegant muffler is a pianist’s dream come true. Now you can play while neighbors and family members are asleep late at night. *ASF

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Grand Piano Caster Cups

Our Lucite caster cups are the most ideal caster cups for a grand piano. Super strong and sleek, these caster cups keep the piano pedal height lower then the thicker, clunkier wooden caster cups. The thinner design really highlights and accents the beauty of the casters (wheels) of your piano.*ASF

Color Options: Clear or Black


Piano Life Saver System

The Piano Life Saver System protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels.  This system enables your piano to have more stability, and it protects the thousands of tiny wooden parts. *ASF



*ASF – All sales are final, No Returns or Exchanges for these custom made products.